who we are

  • We are four NGOs from three European countries – Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia.
  • We offer different services but share one target group – socially disadvantaged people.
  • We all want to improve their living conditions through developing a new competence mapping tool.
  • Each organisation offers unique expertise essential for the project success.

AKROPOLIS has extensive experience of working with clients re-entering the job market, with the socially excluded and uses family competencies in its work with clients.

MIGRARE ZENTRUM FŰR MIGRANTINNEN is the most advanced among project partners in competence-related services as it uses in its day to day activities a Swiss methodology called CH-Q. Migrare also focuses on a specific target group, i.e. migrants to Upper Austria.

GENDEROVÉ INFORMAČNÍ CENTRUM NORA focuses on promoting equality of men and women in Czech society. It has unique experience of working with Roma women who face multiple discrimination. GIC NORA also has several experienced evaluators at its disposal.

MIESTO POD SLNKOM uses an approach stemming from the concept of  Bridges Out of Poverty.



The AKROPOLIS centre is an educational, family and volunteering centre operating in Uherské Hradiště, in the Czech Republic. The centre offers a number of activities for children, young people and adults. The main aim is to offer people and the local community a venue and opportunities for self-fulfilment.

The centre organizes courses, workshops and events intended to engage and support families. Akropolis mainly focuses on gender issues, on integrating people with restricted opportunities into the labour market and individual counselling. Until 2007 the centre was run mainly by volunteers and currently it has 10 employees, about 20 external trainers, about 20 local volunteers and 4 EVS volunteers.

Akropolis centre has been currently running several projects financed from the ESF; many projects have been successfully completed. Akropolis experts have been providing job counselling and training in gender issues, equal opportunities for men and women, re-entering labour market, age management, labour code and family competencies.



MIGRARE is a non-governmental organization founded in 1985 and based in Upper Austria. Its first services consisted of multilingual counselling for migrants. Over the past 30 years the variety of services offered has increased. Now migrare works in three departments, all aiming at better inclusion of migrants in Austria.

Department of multilingual counselling: in 2015 nearly 30.000 counselling sessions were held, informing clients about social, legal and employment matters as well as offering psycho-social counselling and counselling specialized on debts, divorce and rental issues.

Department of Competence Related Services: this is the newest of all departments summarizing all services dealing with competence related issues (competence mapping, educational counselling, counselling on recognition of qualifications, etc.)

Project Department: this department offers educational services aiming at better inclusion and projects focusing on specific target groups and topics also aiming at better inclusion.

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About NORA

The Gender Information Centre NORA (GIC NORA) is based on a feminist perspective. Its mission is to promote equality of men and women in Czech society on both national and regional levels. GIC NORA aims to improve conditions and access of women and men to societal sources in different spheres of their lives and support a personal and professional development of women in general.

GIC NORA came into existence in the autumn 2004. It was supposed to fulfil the need of spreading gender activities beyond the academic scope. Three Brno organisations helped significantly in its foundation: Gender Centre of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University, Medúza (association of women) and Stud Brno (association of gays and lesbians).

GIC NORA has gradually become a professional gender organisation comprising a number of dedicated experts and external co-workers.




Place Under the Sun has been providing community services in the Košice region since 2002. Its services are: social counseling, specialized social counseling to people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The organization offers a variety of activities and programs for individuals, families and youth.

The primary objective of the organization is to help families in stabilizing the family environment. Manifestations and consequences of problem situations may nevertheless be different, but the real problems to help clients are long-term unemployment, low incomes, poor housing situation, which endangers the functioning of all families meet the needs of children and their upbringing.

We help clients with assistance in integrating the various members of the family in society, the search for resources and potential scope for self-realization. We help them making own decisions and acting in a manner that is meaningful, socially acceptable and useful.