Euroguidance seminar in Potsdam on the integration of migrants and minorities in the labour market

In June 2016, Lenka Introvič represented GIC NORA at the international seminar called Cross Cultural and International Careers Guidance – Integrating Migrants and Minorities. The seminar hosted by the Euroguidance programme took place in the German city of Potsdam from June 1 to 2, 2016.

More than 100 attendees and participants representing mainly non-profit sector, schools, universities and employment offices from 11 European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal Austria, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia) discussed the integration of migrants and minorities in the labour market.
We will use the acquired knowledge in this very project. E.g. we will use the so- called competence cards in mapping skills and abilities of our clients.

Presentations from individual workshops that took place within the international seminar in Potsdam can be found here.