Meeting in Linz

In the Austrian town of Linz, representatives of the four project partners got together in the train the trainer programme lasting from September 19 to 23, 2016.

Training participants were actively involved in sessions of eight hours a day that took place in the headquarters of migrare Zentrum für MigrantenInnen OÖ. Participants went through the Competence Kaleidoscope methodology that is being prepared in the project for various target groups of socially disadvantaged people. In detail, they discussed advantages and disadvantages of each module and its individual elements and came up with various suggestions and proposals for further improvements. They also tested some of the methodology elements on themselves.

Elements of “storytelling” used in the course present an enriching feature of the course. Exemplary situations always carry a substantial meaning in themselves and can be a source of inspiration or food for thought for clients.

All discussions were conducted in the English language in a very pleasant, creative and cooperative atmosphere under the leadership of Lisa and Florian from migrare. In the coming weeks, experts from the partner organizations will endeavour to make further refinements of the methodology concerned before the first round of pilot tests. They are in fact postponed till the beginning of 2017 and will be run in all partner organisations.

A lively discussion with a psychologist from migrare presented an important part of the train the trainer programme. The psychologist responded to questions regarding emotionally charged moments that could occur during the course.

Last but not least, the stay in Linz was livened up with a cultural programme. All team members had the possibility to taste local cuisine and get to know some of town jewels during a pleasant tourist train ride. They could also enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the Danube river during a trip to Pöstlingberg.